Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Art Contests and Competitions

Participated in a dialog about contests and competitions on an art ed listserv. Contests are great when your students win but most students don't win. It is important to pick your contests wisely. Contests that ask for submissions of original work and do not return the work are especially irritating. I participate in a state-wide digital video contest because I know and respect the organization that runs the contest. Also, I can submit work that is driven by my curriculum and not by the contest rules and requirements. In 1995 I won a NJ State Best practice Award for my Public Art in Public School Project. For this project I created my own contest and students were the judges. There is an NAEA Advisory on contests that is well worth reading. Take a look at the NAEA Advisory on Contests. I don't teach K - 5 but think that they are too young for contests.

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