Friday, June 23, 2006

Baseball & Digital Photography

On May 30th I went to a Mets game with a friend from middle school, Steve Aminoff. He has some Mets connections so we got to sit close to the action. I was surprised to see that all of the photographers had laptops beneath their cameras. While the game was going on and between innings they were working on the photos they had just taken. These two photo tell lots about the impact of technology on news and sports photography.


Steve Aminoff said...

Technology leading to people having time to do the precious things in life? my paisan back in Brooklyn might say 'fagetaboddit!'...there hasn't been a single 'time-saving' invention in the history of mankind which has ever led to people having more time for the sweet things in life...what actually HAPPENS is people save time doing one form of drudgery (having to re-type letters before the advent of word-processors) and are immediately given more to do by their boss...I don't care whether it's the tractor, the telephone, the computer or the elctric can opener--you're more likely to improve the quality of life running AWAY from technology than running toward it....(Hey, Harold, if you're gonna have a blog you gotta have at least ONE curmudgeon...right?)

DigitalHarold said...

Just a note - Steve is responding to this email. Harold
I have jumped into blogging and started a blog. A new way to spend the little free time I have. I remember when I went to the NY World's Fair and was told that technology was going to make things easier for us all and give us more leisure time. Boy where they wrong... little did they know how long we all spend on email these days.