Friday, June 23, 2006

Starting this Blog

Getting ready to go to NECC in San Diego got me thinking about blogging while I was at the conference. So I decided to start this blog and focus on my interests in art, technology and education. E.A.T. seemed like a better arrangement of letters than A.T.E.


Woody said...

Harold, I remember NECC in Chicago and San Antonio.
I'll keep an eye on your Blog to find out what's new.

Mike Gerrish said...

You continue to amaze and inspire me...and MANY more. BRAVO!

craig said...

Hey Harold,

In my graduate curriculum class last year, we used the acroymn E.A.T. to stand for "Extreme Art Teaching," a model for art education that we felt would best meet the needs and interests of students today.

DigitalHarold said...

Extreme Art Teaching - I have a vision of a teacher and a class on skateboards and bikes doing flips in the air.