Sunday, July 02, 2006

Web Slide Shows

Over the years I have tried several ways to create web portfolios and photo galleries. When I first started my website,, back in 1996 there were few tools available to automatically create web photo galleries; now there are many to choose from.

In the beginning I would simply create a page and insert the images. Then I started using the web gallery option in Photoshop Elements and Photoshop. The latest version of Photoshop, ver. CS2 has several more options than Photoshop 7. I just finished making a new web portfolio of my early sculpture, work done almost 30 years ago (wow I really am getting old).

The images I originally posted on my web site were small so I went back to a Kodak PhotoCD I had made back in 1993. They scanned 100 of my slides and put them on a CD for about $60 back then. The problem was the slides were not in pristine condition and the scans showed every piece of dirt and every hair on them. The images also had color problems. So I used Photoshop to clean up and color correct the images and posted here is one before and after.

The new web gallery is now on line at It uses Flash and I used an option to include an audio file so I narrated the text that was on the first version of the Wood Waves page. The problem with the audio is that it repeats so if you get tired of listening to me hit the mute button on your computer. A big problem with the template Photoshop gives you is that you cannot easily add text to the page. Their template just allows the basics. I tried adding text in Dreamweaver but could not find a way to do it because I have no knowledge of JavaScript.

BTW - A 30 year younger version of me is in one of the images.


Heather said...

I like the olejarz site! Those are some beautiful sculptures. Where did you get that Photoshop template from?

DigitalHarold said...

The Photoshop Template comes with version CS2. Just go to the File Menu > Automate > Web Photo Gallery. Earlier versions of Photohop and Photoshop Elements have web templates too.

Djoser3 said...

I actually have read a couple of Ben Katchor's books- he has a very unique sense of visual humor. His way of drawing people reminds me a little of Ben Shahn.

I like this sculpture aLOT! I hadn't seen any of your earlier work.

I am regularly doing work for this Robotic Toy Store that's going to be opening (hold your breath) in the Westchester, NY megamall, as well as the Garden State Plaza- in North Jersey- about a year from now.

I'm designing several lines for them and even designing the store- supposedly doing their packaging illustration as well.

This is a client of a company I've already joined on with, who will be developing our own line of characters & comics over the next year.

DigitalHarold said...

The Robotic Toy work sounds exciting. Let me know when you can go public with the images.