Saturday, March 17, 2007

Poetry In Motion

I just posted a page from my NAEA session Poetry In Motion

Volunteers from the session were given lines from a poem to dramatize. The dramatizations were videotaped and transferred to iMovie. I demonstrated the process of editing the video and adding graphics, titles and credits. A QuickTime video of the performance is posted on the web.

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Maria Lisboa said...


In that blog, I like to joint the “colours” of some artists with the words of others artists. That’s what I did in that post… I mixed your “colours” with Sophia words. I illustrated their words with your image.

Sophia Mello Breyner was a great Portuguese poet. Sometimes after the 25 April (are you aware of our revolution, in this day, in the year of 1974?) she wrote a poem where she tell us that the left (politically speaking) had made some mistakes, but the right (also, politically speaking) had been corrupt, during the same time. Sophia wrote this poem to reply to the insults that the right was expressing to the left, in those times.

Now, in Portugal, we are living with a government called himself socialist but that is using politics of the right (neo-liberal politics) like in most of the Europe countries, in this moment. So I said in the title, that if Sophia still alive today, she will loose the perception of her “politic laterality”, and I use your image to underline (using the "distortion" of your two hands) the twist between left and right. I want to thank you for your beautiful image and apologise for my abuse in using her without ask your permission. I liked all the images I saw, in your site, and I had difficulty in choosing one of them, to illustrate this poem.

Is difficult for me to translate Sophia’s poem because my English writing is a little bit rusty (I ask you to forgive my language mistakes), but I will try to give you an idea of her words.

Sophia said:

During the last days (times) the left made mistakes,
fall in abuses and disorders, perform iniquities

but what can we say about the dark and apt
degradation of things that the right performs?

What can we say about the rubbish of her luxury – and about her
viscous delight of the cream of life – what can we say

of her wild greed and cold-hearted possession?
What can we say about her specialized and silent injustice?

What can we say about her collusions and sharp practices,
and about the advantageous employment of her leisure hours?

What can we say about her masks, alibis and excuses,
or about her tricks, labyrinths and arguments?

During the last days (times) the left often
had deformed the lines of her face

but what can we say about the meticulous, efficient and prompt
degradation of life that the right performs?