Monday, November 22, 2010

Setting Up a Self-Grading Quiz

Setting up a self-grading test is easy with Google Apps. The three videos below will show you how to do this.

You may also want to download Chris Clementi's handout which is based on the videos.

Setting Up Your Test Part 1 - Writing the Questions

Setting Up Your Test Part 2 - Posting the Test and Setting Up the Answer Key

Setting Up Your Test Part 3 - Getting The Grades


rgold said...


Great videos Harold, nice and easy to follow.

I noticed that the results page collects grades the data by putting a
1 or 0 for correct and incorrect answers.
As I'm sure most of us know, it is very useful when looking at student
results to not only see if they got the answer correct or not, but
what answer they in fact chose. This is particularly useful when
viewing the results in LIST VIEW rather than NORMAL VIEW.

With that in mind I've uploaded a template of a self-grading quiz
Youssef Elias basically designed for me which shows the actual
student's answers on the results page. It is currently a 10 question
quiz and is designed to quite easily add or remove questions by
increasing or decreasing the range in 4 cells. Which cells to change
are listed in the description of the template.

For anyone interested, search in Templates for: auto grading quiz



Harold Olejarz said...


The Answers sheet of the template I used does display the student answers. This is shown in the third video, Setting Up Your Test Part 3 - Getting The Grades.Youssef's template is very nice and the fact that it lets you add questions is a great feature but you do have to read the coding carefully to correctly add questions.